QuickBooks Online September 2015 Update

by Jay Holmes

Let’s take a look at what’s new for QuickBooks Online in September.

  • Subtotals on Invoices and Estimates. Simply click the row above which you want the Subtotal to go and press the Add subtotal button. With this new feature, you can add multiple subtotals, move them around and delete them. When you do this, QuickBooks Online automatically recalculates everything for you!

  • Organize QBO Bank Feeds in whatever way makes your life easier. Order by use frequency, alphabetically, card type, etc. To do this: navigate to the home page > find your bank accounts and select the pencil to the right > drag and drop accounts > save your changes. Remember, any changes you make here will affect the QBO Banking screen, as well!

  • Replace Description column with Bank Detail on the QuickBooks Online Banking screen. If you’d like to see the full bank detail for each transaction in the feed, you can now replace the Description column with this detail. To do this: Transactions > Banking > Gear Icon (next to the print icon) > Show bank details. Another cool feature here is “copying bank detail to memo” as a default. This way, you can see the bank detail for each transaction in the register or on reports!

  • Find Customers and Vendors by phone number! QuickBooks Online now allows you to search for vendors and customers by simply typing phone numbers into the Search field.

Be sure to check back for new QBO updates in October!