New Reports in QuickBooks Online

by Jay Holmes

QuickBooks Online has some new report features in the works. Try them out now before QBO rolls them out to everyone!

First, you have to turn them on. They’re currently in the QuickBooks Labs. To get here: Gear icon > QuickBooks Labs > Turn [ON] Redesigned Reports

Then, go to your reports tab and select any one of them, for example, a Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss.

A few of the changes you’ll notice include:

  • Most frequently used customization options are at the top of the page. No more having to go to the Customize button to change things like Display Columns, Non-zero or Active Only accounts, and Cash or Accrual reporting.

  • You can see more of the less frequently used design options by clicking the Customize button, like before.

  • Expand or collapse line items from the report itself.

  • Add notes to makes your reports more meaningful or to simply add detail to remind yourself of any nuances within your accounts.

  • Add your logo or change report titles from using the Edit Header link at the top of the report.

  • Export reports to PDF format now in addition to Excel.

So many improvements, you’ll have to go see for yourself! Gear icon > QuickBooks Labs > [ON] Redesigned Reports