QuickBooks Online 2016 Updates

by Jay Holmes

Although the blog may have taken a break during tax season, QuickBooks Online certainly did not. The past few months have seen many updates to QBO. I’m going to highlight a few of which I think are extra special!

Vendor List Split View

Vendor list split view allows you to search vendors when looking at detail and transaction information whereas before, you would need to return to the Vendor screen before you could search for another. This improvement saves tons of time because you no longer have to wait for the Vendor screen to load between each search!

To get there: from within a vendor screen, click the toggle (see highlight).

This same functionality extends to the Customer screen!

Automatic Acceptance Rules

Create rules that automatically accept bank feed transactions into QuickBooks. This update sounds like a great time saver. If you have routine and simple transactions, you can now set a rule that will automatically add them to your books. For instance, “Chevron gas expenses under $75.”

To do this: Transactions > Banking > arrow to the right of Update > Manage rules > New rule > Automatically add to my books.

The auto-add rules will run when:

  • You sign in
  • You run a manual update
  • A file is uploaded
  • You create/change an auto-add rule

To find auto-added transactions: Transactions > Banking > In QuickBooks. From here, you can undo any transactions if you need to.

While automation can make our lives so much easier, it’s important to use caution when automating your bookkeeping and practice a regular review process so that you are confident your accounts are clean and your transactions are being coded correctly.

Check back soon for more QBO Updates!!