QuickBooks Online May 2017 Update

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by Erin Whitesides

QuickBooks Online May 2017 Update

Intuit is at it again, rolling out QBO updates like they’re going out of style. So what’s that mean for users like me and you? Let’s take a look at May’s changes and what’s to come in the summer months ahead.

New Navigation

If you’ve been in QBO recently, you probably noticed that they’ve moved some things around in there. For example, that left-hand navigation panel no longer expands when you select an area in which you’d like to work. Now, the display is laid out in buckets like Banking, Sales, Expenses and Reports.

So, say you want to write an invoice.

You’ll need to select Sales on the left-hand panel, then along the top of that page, you’ll choose Customers. From there, the process hasn’t changed much.

The same goes for Vendors: to find a vendor, you need to first choose Expenses from the left-hand panel.

Filtered Transactions

QuickBooks Online is making it easier to see values for all related transactions without needing to add them up yourself. Say you’re an accountant, and you’d like to know how much you spent on coffee during tax season. You can now do that by using the vendor screen (Expenses > Vendors > [local coffee spot]). Once you’ve found your vendor, you simply use the drop-down Filter to zoom in on your target date range. QBO makes it easy for you by totaling the filtered transactions at the bottom of the screen. This works with any type of transaction, whether it be with a customer or a vendor.


If you thought reconciling your bank account in QBO couldn’t get any easier, Intuit accepted your challenge and has been rolling out new updates (not everyone is seeing these changes yet) for the reconciliation process. Supposedly, you’ll be able to edit and filter transactions within the recon to make the task faster and easier. QBO will also roll out a new discrepancy report to let you know when your beginning balance is off and help you fix it right then and there.

As we already know, QBO is constantly rolling out updates. Stay tuned to be sure you’re up to date with all the changes to our favorite online accounting software!