QBO Update August 2017

Bookkeeping, Business Management, Business Smarts
by Erin Whitesides

QBO Update August 2017

As the summer comes to a close, we can reflect back on all the things we did to stay busy during those smoldering months. Just like you, QuickBooks Online stayed busy this summer, rolling out multiple updates. Check out our favorites below!

Electronic Bill Pay

QBO and have been getting cozy this month. Starting in August users will be able to pay bills electronically directly from QuickBooks Online. You can now upload invoices, convert them into bills, and get those vendors and contractors paid directly without ever stepping outside of QBO. If you haven’t seen this new feature yet, don’t worry - Bill Pay is being rolled out in waves and will be available to everyone soon.

Bank Reconciliation

You may have noticed some changes to the look and feel of the reconciliation screen. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the change. It didn’t take me long to come around, though. I was used to seeing my payments on the left side of the screen and my deposits on the right. The new reconciliation screen merges all the transactions together but gives you the option to show one or the other.

The biggest change to the reconciliation is how much additional detail you can now see for each transaction. A few of the new fields include the date the transaction actually cleared the bank, the account the transaction appears in, and the transaction memo that was uploaded directly from the bank. To me, the most valuable of these new fields has been the “Cleared Date.” It certainly speeds up the reconciliation process! Changes can be good, after all, so long as they save us time!

Stay tuned for more QBO updates to come! Also, don’t forget to check out our other blog posts - we keep ‘em fresh just for you!