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  • ACH & Quickbooks Online

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    QuickBooks now allows business owners to process bank transfers (ACH transactions) in lieu of credit card payments. ACH payments are becoming increasingly popular because credit card fees can add up quickly. ACH, however, processes at a much lower fee of about 50 cents per transaction.

  • QuickBooks Online - Is it really all that?

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    Blueback Accounting loves Quickbooks Online (QBO). In fact, it’s the platform we are building our business around. There are a lot of reasons we feel it is the best accounting software out there, but I wanted to share the top 5.

  • New Filing Deadlines

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    The 3rd quarter is about to close, and we’re looking ahead to the annual filing of W-2s and 1099s. There are some changes in the filing deadline that take effect this year.

  • A new look for payroll forms in Idaho


    Idaho business owners struggle to keep up with increasing regulations and paperwork every year—especially when payroll is involved. Thankfully, the two Idaho payroll taxing agencies are making it easier to stay ahead of deadlines and reduce paper clutter at the same time.

  • How Much Do Payroll Services Cost in Boise, ID?


    If you’ve made the decision to outsource your payroll services in Boise, ID, you’re probably wondering what that’s going to cost. Take a look below to see how Blueback measures up to the competition.

  • What Does Payroll Mean at Blueback?


    If you’ve checked out the Services section of our website, you may have noticed that we provide Hassle-Free Payroll. But what does that mean? What makes our payroll services hassle-free and why should you want them? Well, let me tell you about it.

  • Top Reasons to Choose a LOCAL Payroll Company


    Local service is kind of a big deal these days, right? We like to choose local farms for our livestock and produce because, let’s face it: we just don’t know what goes on out there. We rest easy knowing our goods are fresh and well cared for when we buy local. The same is true for outsourcing your business services like payroll. Choosing local matters.